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3 Float intro Package

Are you ready for a special kind of relaxation?

Float Therapy is a powerful tool for muscle recovery, pain relief, sleep enhancement, and mental clarity. Guests float effortlessly in ten inches of a silky solution containing 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt.

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Benefits of Float Therapy

Weightless relaxation

The high concentration of Epsom salt in the float tank creates a zero gravity environment where you float effortlessly. Your body is able to decompress, allowing it to release back to it’s natural state. Floating can improve circulation, reduce pain in muscles and joints, and strengthen your immunity.


Sensory Deprivation

Float pods are designed to offer a profound calmness, shutting out all external stimuli. Your mind is given a break from receiving information, putting you into restore mode, and allowing your body the time it needs to heal.

Epsom salt

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) absorb through our skin. This natural mineral draws toxins from the body, relaxes the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, and improves quality of sleep. 

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